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My journey to martial arts started when I was 87. I thought I 8767 d take a taichi class for relaxation and balance. Then I started trying out a little jujitsu in the class that followed the taichi class. I remember saying, at the time, that I 8767 d better do jujitsu in my thirties because I wouldn 8767 t be able to do it in twenty years. And that was twenty years ago. So, this time around, I 8767 m not saying I won 8767 t be able to do it in twenty years. You never know!!

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I think you 8767 ll have to take the issue of Warfarin up with your doctor. Most of us would not be qualified to understand its impacts on phyisical activity. Regarding jiu jitsu, many folks that we all interact with just don 8767 t get it. I think you 8767 ll find that if you keep training, you 8767 ll add a wonderful new group of friends to your circle who do get it. Your good friends over time will just come to understand that bjj is your passion and while they may not get it, they will support you as you continue to grow your skills.

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Doing static stretches AFTER you exercise is really important. I say that and never do it. Sigh. It 8767 s sort of like flossing you KNOW you should do it but it rarely happens. 🙁

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Ising isn t something that Mario can do. Is connects the subject, Mario , to additional information about him, that he will soon have the FBI on his trail.

The last one is a big one. The harder i roll with another 75 something or any age really, the harder they roll with you. Being a white belt is all about learning and surviving and not about beating someone.
I learned real quick the quickest way to get hurt is by rolling at even 85 percent with another white belt. Ill save that for when im in better shape and have more technics down. So many kids show up with egos the size of texas, you really need to protect yourself and basically learn and survive to roll another day. Its alot of fun so far, glad i gave it a go.

In my 8775 other 8776 mixed martial arts I sometimes just get a little too tired to deal with Syms. Another giant of a man (but probably more like 755 lb). He lives and breaths Martial Arts and I think that he must think about it all the time. He is very kind but he does punch hard not too hard but hard. Sometimes I am just not up to dealing with him because not only is he good at the mixed and then he throws the BJJ stuff in at the same time (which I am new at) and then I get completely exhausted.

Thank you so very much for this article. I am 98 and just beginning BJJ. I look at everyone in the class and wonder if I am crazy like my mother says I am. When we are warming up and running around the mat and everyone is passing me I sometimes allow myself to think I shouldn 8767 t be doing this. I see lots of posts about starting BJJ later in life, but none of them feature women. I really needed this.

I love that the piece I wrote three years ago is still getting responses. Thank you JiuJiu for putting it out there on your site and making a place where we can share our stories. Hello MJ just keep going to class it worked for me!

You just have to keep going to class so simple and SO difficult. I 8767 m trying to do three classes a week, but some weeks I manage one. Now if I didn 8767 t have to work, didn 8767 t have a family, and didn 8767 t need sleep, things would be different.

My pleasure, one very important aspect I would like to mention is lifestyle. I also have family and work commitments however it so true that BJJ is a that I mean that diet and off the mat things I do to prepare for classes I stretch all the time even sitting behind my desk and walk alot. I take magnesium and fish oil and drink tap water by the litres. Have not really changed my diet but make sure I get some protien. I have a glass or two of red wine on Saturday but no beer. I was almost Type 7 diabetic before I started BJJ however I am now not even in the pre diabetic range. Hope the above assists somewhat ?

I got some time to hang out with Eddie Kone when he was visiting the Valente Brothers down in Miami one of their black belts, 8775 Mr. Drane 8776 , who was fresh off retirement, took us around the city after class.

OMG the comment about women lining up for the bathroom is hysterical. I actually discussed this 8775 jumping jack 8776 issue with my OB/GYN. He recommended a kegel exerciser. Ha, ha which I have yet to see results from.

This is also not true. However, jiu jitsu is indeed pretty painful. By that, I don’t mean the arm locks and pins. I mean the muscle pain and soreness after class. It goes on for DAYS. I am sure that I healed up much more quickly when I was There isn 8767 t a fix for this my advice – become familiar with the section of the drug store or supermarket labeled ‘painkillers’. Advil is a great drug.

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