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Ancient Egyptian society believes that there is life after death. For them, the person who died will live again in the hereafter. Thus, they preserve bodies (mummification) and build a huge pyramid to keep the mummy of the pharaoh. Pyramid is considered as a meditative spirit, used to store treasures, such as the property of the pharaoh. Food and furniture are also stored in the pyramids because they believed that by doing so the spirit will live in the phoneticallyListen

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About 7555 , King Khufu, the pharaoh of the second during the fourth dynasty, the old government, has assigned the Egyptian to build his tomb, a pyramid in Giza. Khafre, the son of Khufu, was assigned to build his own pyramid which includes the Sphinx. Historians believe that Menkaure, son of Khafre, built the third and smallest of the three pyramids at Giza.

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Another one of the most famous monuments of architecture in ancient Egypt other than the pyramids is the Sphinx. Sphinx is a monument that has Body of a lion with the head of a king or a god. According to scholars, the sphinx has come to symbolize the strength and wisdom. Sphinx was constructed by the King Khafre, the son of Khufu, on the fourth dynasty (the old kingdom)

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Women have a unique status in the Egyptian civilization as it has its own rights. Women role is very important ancient Egypt as the wife and mother, and also its position has been considered precious. In the royal family, the ancient Egyptian women not only became the wife of a pharaoh, or a god, but will become the mother of the pharaoh. Pharaoh could have more than one wife.

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt – Pharaohs was clearly one of the most effective in all of human history—both in terms of its longevity and in terms of the benefits that it provided for many Ancient Egyptians.

Throughput the stages of the old kingdom, pyramids have been established by the Egyptian, which it has become one of the great successes of the architecture in ancient Egyptian civilization. The pyramid was believed to be the burial place of Pharaohs and their wealth.

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Ancient Egyptian civilization is known as a religious center, as evidenced by the discovery of monuments and temples of the religious nature of ancient Egyptian society and beliefs. The Egyptian believed that the world was dominated by many gods to determine life and death of a life, which was also called as trust in polytheism. Each of the Egyptian god often associated with the natural elements such as Re (sun god), Ra-Atum (God's Heaven) and Amun (Wind God).

Egypt is one of the oldest and most fascinating civilizations in the world. It began around 8655 BCE when the first Pharoah united Upper and Lower Egypt, and lasted until around 887 BCE. During this period, Egypt developed a complex religious mythology and many remarkable achievements in science, mathematics, and architecture. Most famously, it produced the hieroglyphic system of writing, The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.

Historically, Egypt is an old civilization that ruled by the 85 dynasty of pharaohs in 8655 and 887 , which it has been divided into the three most major time periods in Egypt, those kingdoms were the Old kingdom, Middle kingdom and New kingdom.

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The King of Egypt was called as Pharaoh, which in other words, "greatest house". Pharaoh had absolute power over Egypt and is fully entitled. In the reign of the pharaoh, the Egyptians believed in the existence of God, where the pharaoh considered as god. Pharaoh is not only a political leader that was exalted by the society of Egypt, but he is also regarded as a religious leader as well.

In the Egyptian civilization, the Egyptians lives were depend on agriculture and in order to get a good crop, they depends on the annual flooding of the Nile. At first, the Egyptian priests often do the study on the frequency of the annual flooding of the Nile. Starting from this, the astronomy was born and also with the calendar. According to the calendar of the Egyptian, new year for the Egyptian was the first day in the first month of the flood session, as viewed broadly it coincided with the start of the annual flooding of the Nile.

Egyptian Book of the Dead - Egyptian Book of the Dead research papers overview the ancient egyptian funerary text that was used from 6555 BCE to 55 BCE.

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