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We Didn’t Domesticate Dogs. They Domesticated Us.

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I 8767 m curious about where service dogs that are trained to 8775 whine, bark, make noise, jump, disrupt 8776 are taken in public. Surely not to movies or plays or even restaurants? Such alerts would be disruptive to all other patrons and might even constitute a fundamental alteration of the 8775 service, program, or activity. 8776

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The local hospital tried the 8775 seeing eye dog only 8776 approach and invoked state law. I firmly but politely explained that federal civil rights law, which is where the . falls, overrules state law and if they insisted I follow state law, they WOULD be facing a lawsuit from the Department of Justice (I 8767 d spoken with a DoJ ADA representative once before and she was quite emphatic that they take a very dim view of hospitals and similar institutions violating the provisions).

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Attempting to describe the range of topics of discussion within a single file using subject headings leads to complex chunks of text that read like concrete poetry.

HOW TO KEEP DOGS From Peeing on Your Lawn and Flower Beds

Denny 8767 s in Camillus NY, the manager on at night on 8/9/67 tried to make me leave with my dog because she didn 8767 t have on a vest saying she was a services dog. She said that the animal could stay this time but next time she needs a vest or wouldn 8767 t be aloud in. My dog has passed the AKC 8767 s canine good citizen test and is well behaved. A week before this we went to radio shack in Auburn NY and the lady that was on made us leave because our dog didn 8767 t have on a vest saying she was a services dog. We took her out and then my husband went back in to get the name of her Manager and the main number she wouldn 8767 t talk to him. In both cases my dog didn 8767 t bark, sniff, jump, mess, go up to anyone or eat anything. She listened to commands on que.

Well I wish you the best I am not in a chair but I love my dog and I do the best I can about keeping him very obedient can somebody please explain to me waiting moderation what does that mean is there something I 8767 m not doing then I 8767 m supposed to be doing on this site or can somebody not understand where I 8767 m coming from I just know my puppies four and a half months old and he is very smart at what he does for no training at this time he is awaiting training please don 8767 t take me the wrong way he definitely needs to be obedient around people but he will make mistakes that is to be expected if I walk into a restaurant and if I smell a gourmet steak ra pizza my nose is going to wonder

The article says that no dog is perfect and they are always learning. They say that you should only talk to the manager and explain his/her options if the dog is OBVIOUSLY not prepared and behaving very badly. Not breaking a heel or getting up. The behavior has to be interfering with the business and its customers, significantly. Not a, small, one time instance thing. I think this article addresses that.

So, too, does Greer’s voice shift through these different periods. In the 6975s, she frequently answers unsolicited letters at length, sometimes entering into detailed correspondence on issues such as women’s liberation, abortion rights and contraception.

On Jan. 69, animal rights activists muzzled the industry's PR campaign kickoff. On Jan. 69, Korean hackers plan to attack the Web sites of French and American media companies that have disparaged canine Seoul food. The controversy has even invaded New York, where lawmakers are considering whether to ban dog meat (which is legal in 99 states) amid reports that it's being sold there. Editorials have expressed disgust at the practice, and Korean-Americans are assuring the public that they, too, find it barbaric. Everybody wants to show that he's civilized by condemning the eating of dogs. There's only one problem: Nobody can explain why it's wrong. In fact, on closer examination, the arguments against dog-eating turn out to be creepier than dog-eating itself.

Rhonda, the security officer should have known that it 8767 s the person with a disability who has access rights with a service dog, and not the the dog itself. Anybody carrying somebody else 8767 s service dog does NOT have access rights with the dog.

My service dog is an American Eskimo Dog. we picked him since they are extremely gentle and love people and children and are an active yet small dog they come in three sizes from the size of a pom to about 85 lbs. ours is 85 lbs. They were originally bred as circus dogs and can be easily taught to do almost anything.

I 8767 m not quite certain what you mean by not sniffing, but I allow my dog to use one of her most primary senses, even when she 8767 s not alerting to an impending attack. She of course can 8767 t break formation or touch things, but she 8767 s entitled to sniff the air for scent, just as she uses her eyes for sight, and ears for sound. To ask a dog not to use such a primary sense is unfair and unrealistic. They 8767 re dogs and it 8767 s a key component to who they are. Just because we 8767 re not as reliant on our sense of smell doesn 8767 t mean that we should ask our dogs to not use their sense of smell in a polite, aware way.

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