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57: In the absence of specific express statutory rules on the matter, to what extent can a settlor safely reserve powers and rights to himself (or another party) under Bermuda law without compromising the integrity of the trust? Consider in light of any recent case law on the issue.

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57: ‘Discuss the circumstances in which a trust would be considered to be no more than a bare trust as a result of the extent of the powers which are expressly reserved by the trust instrument to the settlor and the consequences of the trust being no more than a bare trust.’

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57:  Explain the salaries tax treatment of share options (commenting specifically on situations where an employee is employed outside Hong Kong for part of the period during which an option subsists).

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You have the option to choose Mr Client to be based in China or Indonesia. Discuss the succession law in the jurisdiction where Mr Client is based.  Discuss the challenges and international cross border issues to consider when using a common law trust instrument for Mr Client with a comparison of the common law and civil law concepts. Conclude with a succession plan that is feasible for Mr Client.

57:  Discuss whether a trustee should prepare audited financial statements, including consolidated financial statements, and to whom such statements may be distributed.

(c) What is the role of medical evidence in the assessment of legal capacity, and what weight does the Court give to medical evidence when other evidence is available?

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56: Consider the accounting treatment of income and capital interests and problems that can arise in accounting fairly for both interests by reference in particular to special dividends, windfalls and share issues in place of dividends

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