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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 15:22

"Lord God," she wailed bitterly, "some people have all the luck! 'Tis no advantage to anybody trying to be good. I might just as well be a sinner like you."

11 Reasons Why It's Important to Follow Your Dreams

"I know, father," I said, for I was just thinking the same thing myself. "I tried to kill Nora too with a bread-knife under the table, only I missed her."

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JFM: The advice often regurgitated throughout the Internet is simply, 8775 You should follow your passion. 8776 Why does this sound so appealing? Why is this bad advice?

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I do agree with your statement 8775 when you enjoy doing something, there is a very good chance you will become passionate or more passionate about it 8776 . Btw great post 🙂

The only reason that there are so many people who agree with this advice is due to the fact that with this post, from a notable business man, they found out a way to scape from the hard work of trying to reach their dreams. Perhaps this advice works for Mark because he is so competitive that being the first in something is what counts to him. In other words, his dream is to be the first one. It doesn´t matter if he is working in a business and/or an activity that he dreamt about.

Then, by all means, put your effort into that. As you are already passionate about it, you should find that easy and enjoyable, even if it is really, really hard work.

No wonder, foreigners had been taking keen interest in us right from the dawn of their awakening. But alas! It is all lost now. Gone are the days of past glory, riches, reverence and attraction. The country has witnessed a sharp decline in its over-all image and we have now become a nation, inviting mockery, neglect and indifference from outsiders.

When I studied the issue, it was more complex. Most people don 8767 t have preexisting passions. And research on workplace satisfaction tells that people like their jobs for more nuanced reasons than simply they match some innate interests.

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