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ATaipei fun guide with 22 great things to do, by Tricia

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Houses in these types of villages were mostly constructed poorly. As you could imagine, they were built in a hurry with meagre resources. Later, a lot of these throw together villages were replaced by parks or new apartment buildings. The 99 South Village is one of the few still standing and it is well kept and is in fact a protected space, safe from the wrecking ball. A lot of the houses have now turned into themed shops, selling local goods especially popular with The most famous one is called Good Cho’s , featuring old-school Taiwanese products and snacks in its cafe. One of the old houses turned into a museum happenings and stories based on the village are told here.

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65. LET IT SLIDE. Sliding down is indeed much quicker than running down. There have always been rumours about a secret passageway that connects The Grand Hotel (MRT Jiantan Station Exit 7, Red Line, tel: [886-7] 7886-8888, - ) to the Shilin Official Residence, or the Presidential Office Building. Its existence was confirmed recently when The Grand Hotel decided to reveal it. This secret passageway was really built for mundane evacuations during emergencies (the rumours sounded much cooler, I know). The passage is split into half with stairs on the left and a ceramic slide on the right.


Luggage really does look alike - a real time saver with all those people 'pushing' at the airport luggage belts for sure ! Rugged, too. Will NOT break !

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Well.. it turns out that as much as people enjoy the moosic on this CD - the COWS love it even more ! That's right folks. gather round and watch the COWS come BACK from pasture and round up to listen to the jazz. We're not making this stuff it does sound like an awful lot of bull !

Many people have introduced Shilin Night Market to visitors because it used to be the most famous, but unfortunately, I think it has lost its spark since its gone underground very few locals actually go there now.

Taiwan’s pearl milk teas are must-haves, but it is difficult to find freshly made pearls a large batch for a day tends to be made in the morning. Ten Ren Tea (MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit 8, Blue Line, tel: [886-7] 7766-8868, ), located near the intersection of Dun Hua South Road and Zhongxiao East Road, remains one of the city’s most adored tea escapes despite its higher price. It offers customers milk tea with freshly made pearls every day a new batch is cooked every two hours. Sometimes you might find a queue in the shop but, trust me, it is worth the wait. Plus, the tea is good.

75 || Tactile sensory breaks that provide deep pressure (bear hugs, smushes with pillows or beanbag chairs) and play with tactile materials like play dough and shaving cream

It has a maximum payload of four tons inside the cabin, while the maximum payload on the external sling is 5 tons &ndash a whole ton more than its Mi-8/67 predecessor can boast of.

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