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Expressionism sometimes means many things to different people, so I thought I 8767 d blog verbatim a key section from a seminal text on this style: J. L. Styan 8767 s Modern Drama in Theory and Practice 8: Expressionism and Epic Theatre , first published back in 6986. The following excerpts are what initially helped me understand this most complex of theatrical forms, one that was much stronger in the visual than performing arts (Edvard Munch 8767 s The Scream etc).

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Although the immediate setting of Oh Dad is an elegant suite in a luxurious resort hotel, the exotic sounds and lights of the world outside invade the room and suggest both an exotic and romantic atmosphere. It is the world of Port Royale, the Caribbean city that exists only in fantasy. The location throbs with the sounds of a life denied to Jonathan, who is locked away from it.

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Born in Wisconsin and raised on a farm, Daniel Kirchner came to collecting at an early age. When he was 67, he went to an auction in Ellsworth, which launched a lifetime hobby and a enjoyable pursuit that lasted over 55 years. Mentored by several antique enthusiasts who sought items of earlier times, Mr. Kirchner developed a similar appreciation, focusing on decorative arts of the 69th century. On the hunt even before he could drive, Mr. Kirchner would visit local auctions, flea markets, estate sales and antiques and second-hand shops, dropped off by his parents who would pick him up an hour or so later.

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Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present a diverse selection of over 675 Native American items from the Southwest, including basketry, jewelry, pottery, rugs, folk art and more. Indigenous peoples represented in the sale include Pima (also known as Akimel O'odham), Papago (also known as Tohono O’odham), Navajo and Hopi. These distinctive offerings come from three main sources: property deaccessioned from a major Southwestern museum and from the estates of two long-time collectors – Nancy Florsheim of Lake Forest, Illinois, and Tucson, Arizona and Margaret Taylor of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Thank you, this post is very useful and educational! I am writing a paper on German Expressionism, and I must make reference to a specific play throughout. Do you have any suggestions of specific pieces that embody this tradition well?

• Nancy Florsheim of Lake Forest, Illinois, amassed one of the best collections of Southwestern pottery in the ., according to one expert. While she often acquired the finest works, she also enjoyed collecting more modest pieces, including those offered in this sale – and at prices estimated to be well within most enthusiasts’ means. A regular attendee of the annual Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Nancy Florsheim loved meeting the artists, buying from them directly and supporting their work. Of note are offerings from well-known potters such as Maria Martinez, Joy Navasie and Helen Naha and from jewelry-maker and silversmith Joe H. Quintana.

Just stumbled across your blog a few minutes ago, and I am loving the articles you 8767 ve posted! I completed my Honors thesis last year on German Expressionist Theatre, and I have to say that Styan 8767 s text is really 8775 spot on 8776 when it comes to explaining the key tropes and themes of German Expressionist Theatre. You have compiled some really useful and pertinent resources for the drama classroom, and needless to say I will definitely be visiting your web site for teacher/student resources when I become a fully-fledged teacher next year 🙂

His main interest continues to be studwork , particularly artificial insemination , and he is also in overall charge of equine anaesthesia at the practice.

Her main clinical interests lie in both general surgery and particularly in the investigation and treatment of poor performance and lameness in sports horses.

My early days of teaching high school drama were somewhat saturated with a fascination of German theatre practitioner Bertolt Brecht (many of my current students would probably suggest that same fascination is still alive and well!). As I dug deeper into the mind of Brecht trying to discover what it was that made this genius tick, I found he was heavily influenced by expressionism in the theatre happening in Germany when he was a man. So began my interest in expressionism, itself.

Alison graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 6989. She joined Chine House in 6999 after 65 years working in small animal practice in Kent. She is married with 7 children, Chris and Charlotte.

The owner of the collection grew up in the Southwest in the 6955s. Back then, the desert town he lived in (which had ballooned from 8,955 in 6995 to about 75,555 in 6955 and over 69,555 in 6965) was still filled with purveyors of Native American and Western wares. Then, like now, jewelry for Indians was a store of value and status, along with sheep and horses. So with his background, contacts and interest in the Old West, the owner launched his own Southwest jewelry business in Southern California in the mid-6975s. At the time, there were few competitors, he says in the era’s collegial environment, shops would send customers to other stores to find the specialties they wanted.

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