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Chronic stress puts your health at risk - Mayo Clinic

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Adrenaline increases your heart rate, elevates your blood pressure and boosts energy supplies. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream, enhances your brain's use of glucose and increases the availability of substances that repair tissues.

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Stress symptoms: Effects on your body and - Mayo Clinic

… and “diets” that pressure you to blindly “lose weight” without knowing where the loss is coming from trick you into sabotaging your figure and your metabolism.

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There are literally thousands of my client's stories that are more inspiring than mine. Stories from ordinary men and women who have no interest in entering a bodybuilding contest, yet used this same "bodybuilder science" to achieve massive results. People like Bonnie and Mike.

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PS. Remember, the next 7 days will quickly come and go, and at the end of them, you can either be feeling just as unsatisfied with your body as you are now, or just as confused and overwhelmed about the right way to start, or.

When you encounter a perceived threat a large dog barks at you during your morning walk, for instance your hypothalamus, a tiny region at the base of your brain, sets off an alarm system in your body. Through a combination of nerve and hormonal signals, this system prompts your adrenal glands, located atop your kidneys, to release a surge of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol.

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