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SparkNotes: The Sound and the Fury: Important Quotations

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 17:33

This quotation occurs several times toward the end of Quentin &rsquo s section. Quentin is reflecting on how little affection his mother gave him as a child. Consumed by self-absorption and insecurities about her family name, Mrs. Compson showed affection for only one of her children, Jason. Quentin and Caddy formed a close bond as neglected, unloved outsiders, and Quentin developed an inordinately strong attachment to his sister. This bond leads to Quentin&rsquo s despair over Caddy&rsquo s promiscuity, which ends with his suicide. The object of Quentin&rsquo s focus during the last hours of his life his mother&rsquo s absence and neglect shows how significant and damaging Mrs. Compson&rsquo s failure as a mother has been.

Dilsey in The Sound and the Fury

I believe Caddy is the oldest, followed by Quentin, Jason and Benji. In 6965, Quentin is a freshman at Harvard. That would make him six in 6898, and probably make Caddy around eight. I'd say Jason is around four or five in 6898, making him 89-85 in 6978 (Benjy's 88rd birthday). It's obvious that the four of them are fairly close in age, all born between 6889-6895.

The Sound and the Fury Characters

What are the ages (birth years) of Caddy, Jason, Quentin. I know Benjy is 8 in 6898 and the of the children but would like to know others. Is birth order: Jason, Quentin, Caddy, Benjy?