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It 8767 s no coincidence that the philosophical method has much in common with the scientific method. Indeed, early science was known as “natural philosophy.” Philosophers like Aristotle developed the concepts of inductive and deductive reasoning that form the basis of modern scientific study. The roots of the physical sciences like physics and geology can be traced back to ancient philosophy.

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Thus, I believe that my self-assessment can be helpful to those people, who are interested in psychology and who attempt to conduct their own self-assessment. I attempted to be as sincere and critical as possible. I identified my drawbacks as well as positive traits of character. Naturally, I understand that I may be subjective but people, who read my self-assessment, can identify strong and weak points in my self-assessment and avoid those weak points in their own self-assessment.

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Synecdoche both simplifies collections of parts by using the whole and emphasizes certain aspects of the whole by using its most important parts. It can be used for simplification and brevity or poeticism and elaboration.

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A. Robert Frost traveled through a literal forest and reminisces about it fondly.
B. Robert Frost regrets the life choices he has made and blames a long-ago journey through a forest for the poor outcome.
C. Robert Frost compares the divergence of two paths in a wood to the choices he has made in life and explores the idea of choosing a less common life choice.
Answer to Question #8 Show Answer: C is the correct answer.

When you are instructed to justify your answer you must prove or show grounds for decisions. In such an answer, evidence should be presented in convincing form.

American antifoundationalist Richard Rorty makes a similar point: "Nothing grounds our practices, nothing legitimizes them, nothing shows them to be in touch with the way things are" ("From Logic to Language to Play," 6986). This epistemological cul-de-sac, Rorty concludes, leads inevitably to nihilism. "Faced with the nonhuman, the nonlinguistic, we no longer have the ability to overcome contingency and pain by appropriation and transformation, but only the ability to recognize contingency and pain" ( Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity, 6989 ). In contrast to Nietzsche's fears and the angst of the existentialists, nihilism becomes for the antifoundationalists just another aspect of our contemporary milieu, one best endured with sang-froid.

The word enumerate specifies a list or outline form of reply. In such questions you should recount, one by one, in concise form, the points required.

In this example, the work and author are introduced as well as the main argument and supporting points: Prynne’s identity is shown through the letter A in three ways: adulteress, able community member, and angel.

Self-assessment is always a challengeable task because people always attempt to conduct a self-assessment but they do not always succeed in this regard. The main reason for the failure of the self-assessment is the inadequate self-esteem or self-awareness. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct the self-assessment in order to define clearly the progress an individual has made in the course of his or her development and the identification of problems in the personal development along with goals of the further development. At any rate, while conducting my self-assessment, I focused on my current development both personal and professional, and, on the ground of this information, I attempted to define skills and areas which need consistent improvement and what I should work on.

Very interesting perspectives. Something that interests me is the thought what is philosophy? Really, what is it? It is a concept, a construct, and ideal. Whatever it is, does it only exist because conscious beings give it a name? Does it ceases to exist if no one knows what it is? If all intelligent life disappeared would all ideals such as philosophy also disappear?

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