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Thanks, ! I have the answers to the first question you asked if he worked with any other superheroes. He does. One person with teleportation and one with infared vision and a begginer in witchcraft.

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8775 I 8767 d been playing around with the idea of a mecha arm for a while and originally had the idea of giving him a secret identity, which would be inexplicably difficult. 8776 Maybe he has a hologram generator built into the arm so that it looks normal at a glance?

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Coming home to find that her sister was worried sick about him, he blames himself for the incident and vows to never kill again. Seeing all the crime that befalls his city. He realizes that if you have the power to help, but you don 8767 t and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.

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Thanks so much Joe, for this detailed post on word count. I was hoping I 8767 d get to know ideal word counts for novels, and now I have it all clearly explained by you.
I prefer shorter novels, of any genre, and check for a book of under 75 pages, as the word count is not indicated for e-books. Since I aim to finish reading a book in two sittings, a book over 75+ pages would be too long for me. With this in mind, I 8767 m aiming to make my novel between 65,555 to 85,555 words.
8766 The Old Man and the Sea 8767 is a good length book.
I feel you 8767 re brave to tackle a book of 7555 pages. How long will it take you?
Happy reading!

Lucky in Love - A FREE online regency romance novella. Edmund, Earl of Warenne, accepts a challenge to win an impossible wager. At the risk of losing his favourite snuff box and being saddled with an ugly wife, Edmund agrees to court a desperate old maid sight unseen, and have his honourable marriage proposal rejected in front of witnesses.

Literacy is a fundamental human right. As a consumer, I am less concerned about word counts than I am about content. As a writer, I know I have to write tight. Every word has to count. That 8767 s the way it is. I was saddened to read about your relative who can barely read and write. The unfortunate reality in Canada is that adult illiteracy remains largely a hidden problem. For an advanced country, Canada is not doing enough to remove the barriers to literacy.

Collections are Powerful
A bullet journal Collection is a collection of data that data can be lists or images or mind-maps or sketches, or trackers (more about trackers later). These are some possible Collections for a writer

This gives you huge freedom in how you decide to represent your topic. It can be fantastical or very down-to-earth, eccentric or with everyday characters – completely your choice. You can set your story in New York, implying the life in any metropolitan city around the world.

He is half Latin, his mother was Latin. I just liked the name Argentum cause it was so unique and adds to the fact that he is not like the rest ( I heard Argentum but never knew it meant silver lol)

Most main heroes fall into one of six archetypes: the tank (like the Hulk), the gymnast (Spiderman or Flash), the mage (Dr. Strange), the psychic (Invisible Woman), the gadgeteer (Batman) and the elementalist (Human Torch or Captain Atom). I think it 8767 s easiest to write a tank or gymnast, but it really depends on which story you want to write. If you want a high-fantasy story, mages will probably work better. Gadgeteer stories usually feel a bit more believable, psychics lend themselves nicely to fantastical science fiction (or perhaps high fantasy), and I think elementalists are particularly well-suited for comic-books and novels aimed at readers.

Good article and valuable info that writers want/need should know if they don 8767 t. I also liked your article 8775 news editor 8776 format finding it easy to excise the most applicable parts for my needs in order to add them to my writing notes/refs. Thank you.

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