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Give a speech that advocates for more research into the topic, or urge your audience to donate time or money to an organization that helps people who have been affected by one of these issues.

Persuasive Speech Topics That Open Up Avenues for Debate

A good persuasive speech topic should contain not only a good quality content but also have enough information that it delivers the purpose well, . clearly supporting your stance while convincing the listeners to agree to your point of view. Given below is a list of good persuasive topics to develop and deliver great speeches:

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We download apps and software and signup on different sites. Each of this require us to click ‘I agree’. We click this ‘I agree’ without actually reading the agreement. This can later cause problems…

How to write a persuasive speech

Homosexuality is not a disease. It is how people are. They want to marry their partner for the same reasons heterosexual couples do. Not legalizing gay marriage is a discrimination…

Instead of speaking about something controversial, you may choose a topic that sways people's opinions because it has a "feel good" aspect to it.

-We can help to plant trees and plants in our own gardens, or send seeds to a charity who will do this for us. We can recycle the paper that we use, so fewer trees have to be demolished to satisfy our needs, and we can watch our carbon footprint, and do what we can to decrease it. These changes won&apos t change your life, but they will change the world we live in for the better.
The above paragraph is an ideal way to end your speech.

It is not ethical to eliminate people like we try to eliminate diseases. What about human right? Or. What kind of rights for the person who does not respect others’ right and freedom? It is a befitting punishment.

Some say that neutering or spaying pets has a lot of benefits, both for the animal and the owner. Others say that neutering or spaying do not change much but only invites diseases upon the poor animal.

Feminism is an eye opener. It is something every man and woman should know of. Thus, it should be a compulsory and common subject instead of being exclusive to Arts or few other faculty.

Bullying is very damaging to the victim and can take a very dangerous turn. But it is dismissed as children’s play in most cases. We don’t realize its seriousness until it is too late…

High School teaches us the basics and bachelor is more career oriented. We can get a good job after bachelor and hone our skills for better position. Is masters and higher degree really important when we can learn more on field?

These days, children spend a lot of time in mobile phones, computers or other electronic devices instead of running around, going out and playing like a child should.

Is there a cause that is dear to your heart, or are there other injustices you've been touched by that could bring out your most persuasive nature? It is easy to turn your anger and frustration into powerful persuasive speech ideas.

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