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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 15:22

The authors, Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay, failed to disclose their study was sponsored by a grant from Vandelay Industries (authorized by George Castanza).

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Don 8767 t get me wrong. I do enjoy pointing out the hypocrisy of the left as much as the next guy. But as much as the authors like to pretend like they have 8775 no idea 8776 what they are talking about, they clearly do. They are taking existing gender study ideas and just turning up the volume and adding more jargon. I almost wish they were saying even less with more to prove a point.

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I imagine what I’d think if this happened in real science. If it was a one off, I think I’d dismiss it as BS and not an indictment of a whole field. But then again, maybe if the authors had just googled:

DELINGPOLE: 'Penises Cause Climate Change - Breitbart

7) This does not mean gender studies offers nothing of value. I 8767 ve read some very clear, very good work in the field Allison Wiley 8767 s work on gender biases in archaeological interpretation, and 8775 Imagining Transgender: An Ethnography of a Category 8776 are two examples. However, the former is committed to grounding her theorization of gender biases in empirical reality, and the latter is an ethnography based on reporting what real people (mostly poor black people) actually say about themselves, so they reveal a reality which is (predictably) nothing like what the postmodern theorists say.

The people leaping all over this post to condemn it (and the hoax article) are demonstrating everything that is wrong with academia right now. Congrats on playing into the hands of the ascendant right wing

Journals in on other fields and traditional publishers have also published non-sense papers, . a computer-generated nonsense paper [6] was published in the Elsevier journal Applied Mathematics and Computation. Should we now raise questions about the fundamental integrity of fields such as mathematics? Also considering the fake Elsevier journals, the STAP scandal, etc. it is obvious that the failure to detect basic issues with peer review is not limited to open-access pay-to-publish models.

In the works of Tarantino, a predominant concept is the distinction between
opening and closing. In a sense, if subtextual objectivism holds, we have to
choose between capitalist theory and textual socialism. The premise of the
prepatriarchialist paradigm of reality holds that language is capable of
significant form, given that Baudrillard 8767 s essay on Foucaultist power relations
is valid.

I use the word church, because I am not sure what else to call a body of fairly same-minded moral zealots who have an entirely faith-based and fanatical reliance on ideas and concepts which cannot be proven, nor verified, beyond the minds of the clergy and parishioners.

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