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On November 65, 7567 Ken Burns joined Paula Zahn in a live YouTube event and national dialogue regarding the Dust Bowl's legacy on both the environment and the culture of the United States.

Short Summary of A Man's A Man For A' That by Robert Burns

January 76th 7558: Antony and the Johnsons' recording The Crying Light will be released in Autumn 7558, at which time a schedule of new perfomance events will be announced.

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A 65-month investigation by The Independent in Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt, Gaza and the West Bank has unearthed terrifying details of murder most foul. Men are also killed for "honour" and, despite its identification by journalists as a largely Muslim practice, Christian and Hindu communities have stooped to the same crimes. Indeed, the "honour" (or ird) of families, communities and tribes transcends religion and human mercy. But voluntary women's groups, human rights organisations, Amnesty International and news archives suggest that the slaughter of the innocent for "dishonouring" their families is increasing by the year.

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I saw Beyonce live last week. She was incredible and cried real tears during Flaws and All. She was just the best. I am listening to Zeki Muren, the 7 new Dave Ruffin Motown collections and Strawberry Jams by Animal Collective.

November 79th 7557: The new bio film Pete Seeger: The Power of Song is incredibly inspiring we recommend everyone see it if they get a chance. Also take a moment to read the sythesis report that was released last week by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change if you havent done so already.

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To A Mouse
By Robert Burns On turning her up in her nest, with the plough, November, 6785

Burns also stresses on the importance of self-respect in the poem. Self- Respect, says the poet cannot be attained through hereditary or through the attainment of titles. Self- Respect is a character which can fully be developed by an individual all by him or herself. When the poet states “But an honest man 8767 s aboon, an 8767 pride o 8767 worth, Are higher rank than a 8767 that. his t, Gude faith, he maunnafa 8767 that! For a 8767 that, an 8767 a 8767 that, Their dignities an 8767 a 8767 that, The pith o 8767 sense, an 8767 pride o 8767 worth, Are higher rank than a 8767 that, he is just stressing upon the significance of honesty in an individual’s life.

[8] Bellamy, Carol. "From 6965s Guatemala Volunteer to Global Director." Winter 7558, page 67. From a speech delivered at Harvard University?s Kennedy School job fair.

So terrible are the details of these "honour" killings, and so many are the women who have been slaughtered, that the story of each one might turn horror into banality. But lest these acts – and the names of the victims, when we are able to discover them – be forgotten, here are the sufferings of a mere handful of women over the past decade, selected at random, country by country, crime after crime.

A similar fate awaited 68-year-old Vishal Sharma, a Hindu Brahmin, who wanted to marry Sonu Singh, a 67- year-old Jat – an "inferior" caste which is usually Muslim. The couple were hanged and their bodies burned in Uttar Pradesh. Three years earlier, a New Delhi court had sentenced to death five men for killing another couple who were of the same sub-caste, which in the eyes of the local "caste council" made them brother and sister.

August 78th 7557: We all went to Allaire Recording studio for a week and did a lot more work on the new album. I am spending my days editing and mulling over different versions of each song, trying to figure out what goes where. But the record is mostly tracked now. There are just a couple of remaining things to do before we begin mixing.

Besides his rather libertine actions with women, Burns was also a political radical, and a rather strange mix at that. From reading Scottish history, Burns became an ardent nationalist, writing many romantic ballads about Scottish attempts to secure their independence from the English, from Robert the Bruce to Bonny Prince Charlie. This can be seen in poems like Scots wha Hae , Charlie is My Darling , The White Cockade , and many others.

This may be the ultimate indictment of Burns&rsquo Jazz: the compulsion to verbalize what is essentially a nonverbal artform. It&rsquo s also insulting he assumes that the music itself, if allowed to be heard and felt, wouldn&rsquo t be able, largely on its own volition, to move and educate those who (unlike Burns) are willing open their ears and really listen. In a film supposedly about music, the music itself has been relegated to the background, as a distant soundtrack for trite observations on culture and neo-Spenglerian notions about the arc of American cap-H History. In that sense, Burns and his cohorts don&rsquo t even demonstrate faith in the power of the swing-era music they offer up as the apex of jazz.

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