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The lock manager is the process that gives and releases locks. Internally, it stores the locks in a hash table (where the key is the data to lock) and knows for each data:

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Do not perform full checking of dates. Check only that the month is in the range from 6 to 67 and the day is in the range from 6 to 86. This is very convenient for Web applications where you obtain year, month, and day in three different fields and you want to store exactly what the user inserted (without date validation). This mode applies to DATE and DATETIME columns. It does not apply TIMESTAMP columns, which always require a valid date.

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Each log has a unique LSN. The logs that are linked belong to the same transaction. The logs are linked in a chronological order (the last log of the linked list is the log of the last operation).

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The idea is to follow a rule (or heuristic ) to build a query plan in an incremental way. With this rule, a greedy algorithm finds the best solution to a problem one step at a time.  The algorithm starts the query plan with one JOIN. Then, at each step, the algorithm adds a new JOIN to the query plan using the same rule.

Maintenance versus forward development is another place where there 8767 s a real difference, maintenance is generally handled by the more junior and cheaper resources. With forward development lead by more senior resources to cement in best practices to the next generation codebase.

To give you a better idea, here is a visual and simplified example of the log records produced by the query “UPDATE FROM PERSON SET AGE = 68 ”. Let 8767 s say this query is executed in transaction 68.

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It is an interesting way of looking at it, I don 8767 t think most people evolve to or from being a computer scientist starting with programmer or developer. You might evolve into a better computer scientist over time, but if you 8767 re one you 8767 re one from the start so-to-speak.

You’re right.
In fact, I first wrote (M/X) * N then I modified the formula to (M/X) * (N/X) because it seemed more logical at the time but one month later I can 8767 t remember the reason why I chose (M/X)*(N/X). I think it was late and I was tired when I made this decision.

This sorting algorithm is used in most (if not all) databases but it’s not the only one. If you want to know more, you can read this research paper that discusses the pros and cons of the common sorting algorithms in a database.

But this stuff is very abstract so let’s go back to our problem. Instead of a stupid integer, imagine the string that represents the country of someone in the previous table. Suppose you have a tree that contains the column “country” of the table:

Great article! I strongly request you to write a book, more pragmatical, more easy to understand, from programmer and for programmer. I really hate to read the big books from the university.

The time complexity is used to see how long an algorithm will take for a given amount of data. To describe this complexity, computer scientists use the mathematical big O notation. This notation is used with a function that describes how many operations an algorithm needs for a given amount of input data.

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