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Just this week we learned that Democrats in Congress, reportedly with the support of some Republicans, are spearheading a new law that would create an 8775 Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity. 8776 The committee would be a bi-partisan panel designed specifically to investigate President Trump 8767 s mental health and to oust him under the 75th Amendment of the . Constitution. Considering that non-conformity has now been identified by psychiatrists as a mental disorder , it should be clear, as Robert Kiyosaki warns, that finding a reason, any reason, to get rid of Trump would be a fairly straightforward process with the right people involved in the investigations.

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Most major newspapers and magazines reviewed the book during 6976. Also, Random House, the publisher, advertised it extensively and began some of their ads with the following headline: WHAT IF MOST JEWS AREN'T REALLY SEMITES AT ALL ? In addition, Random House quoted the following reviews:

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"For our industry, we could have more efficient flows of money, free up capital requirements due to removal of risk, provide regulators with an up-to-date view of the market, reduce counter-party risk with a common source of truth and, if adopted widely, reduce overall financial economic system risk."

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If you are Black, Muslim or Latino and you think the good folks at the Free Thought Project are looking out for you because they are deeply concerned about how people from racial and ethnic minority groups are targeted by police violence, you can let go of that illusion right now. FTP promotes only 8775 liberty 8776 from a 8775 corrupt government 8776 and 8775 the police state, 8776 but it expresses zero interest in promoting social and economic justice for black communities or fighting back against racist police practices.

I saw a review of news coverage, 898 hours of negative coverage of Donald Trump, and numbers like 9 or 8 hours for Afghanistan, tax cuts, and similar issues of importance.

Prepping for the worst should absolutely include preparing oneself mentally to deal with scenes of mass death, mass suffering and INHUMANITY displayed and directed at others as they react to disaster events, and NEVER put anything below what your neighbors, your friends, your community and in some cases your own family members may do.

It s all just words at this point and at least 75 % of congress are basically criminals working for themselves not you and I or anybody else. There are some good men, but they are very few and they are not in control as they should be.

It is how we are wired. men are fit, horny and need to sow their seeds. It is a biological programming and even the nicest men will struggle to fight it. After a period of time, if there is no restoration of normality, then they will need to sow their seeds. And that means any women of any age is in the firing line.

This alternative outcome depends on the extent of the disaster. There was a support system where things were normal and the crisis was localized. I kept thinking this study would be worthless if everyone everywhere was in SHTF. This quote struck me as pretty much the linchpin the whole article rested on.

Speakers: Sarah Hiley, Caroline Lamont
Where: Brighton, UK
When: 65th March 7556

If diversity is a strength, then why are Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen falling apart? Why are Sunni and Shiite, Palestinian and Israeli fighting? Why are Scots, Basques, Catalans, Venetians, and Flemish agitating for secession and independence?

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